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Inner Nature

Lucuma Powder

Lucuma Powder

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Lucuma Powder - raw, Premium

Lucuma, also called Pouteria Obovata (Lucuma Obovata) pronounced Loo- Ku- Mah [Botanical Name: Pouteria Lucuma]. The Lucuma tree is an exotic Peruvian fruit tree, once known as the “Gold of the Inca’s” that has been honored spiritually and culinarily since ancient times.

Within the Peruvian culture, lucuma is often part of celebrations and banquet settings because of its distinct and fragrant flavor. In some parts of Peru, lucuma also plays a significant part in the basic diets of the poor.

One tree can produce as many as five hundred fruits during a year and lucuma literally becomes the tree of life when field crops are out of season or damaged by drought.

The lucuma is a member of the Sapotaceae family and is similar to the canistel fruit. Its unique and fragrant flavor resembles maple syrup.

Lucuma is one of the lost crops of the Incas and its remarkable exotic flavor make it worth recognizing and appreciating. The Peruvian’s savor the taste of it in ice cream, as it is one of their most popular flavors. Inner Nature's lucuma is available in powder, raw and sun-dried, so it is easy to enjoy.

Discover the flavorful sensation of lucuma. Enjoy it by itself or mix it in your favorite treat. For an extra special treat, make sure to combine it with some raw cacao nibs, vanilla bean, and coconut butter. Blend into a creamy delight. Lucuma powder can add creamy delight to any smoothie. Use this in place of agave nectar.


Net wt.: 8 oz

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