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Cacao Nibs

Cacao Nibs

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Cacao is Love.

Raw Premium Criollo Cacao Nibs, also known as "chocolate nibs", are an excellent source of nutrition. Unroasted and unsweetened, these cacao beans are great for use in recipes or for snacking on their own, and come in a variety of sizes. Pair with other superfoods, such as Goji berries, Walnuts nuts, or Gooseberries for an ultra-nutritious treat.

Cacao nibs are a one of a kind treat that have been enjoyed by cultures for centuries. These raw, organic cacao beans are the source of many chocolate, cocoa, and cocoa butter products. With this product, you can experience the unique flavor of pure, raw cacao chocolate and create your own raw food delights and frozen chocolate shakes. Celebrate life and celebrate Cacao!

Warning! Eating cacao may cause you to have an incredible day.


What do I do with cacao bean nibs? (be the star of your next potluck):
* Eat them plain, chewing and experiencing the taste
* Pop a handful in your mouth with a dab of agave nectar
* Add to your fruit, nut or coconut based smoothie or smoothie bowl
* Creativity abounds in raw food brownies or a raw chocolate pecan pie

A great chocolate dairy free shake consists of water, cacao, agave nectar, ice and macadamia nuts. Blend the cacao with the water and agave until smooth. Next add ice and quickly blend to crush ice into a slurry.



Product of Ecuador.


Why these Cacao Beans and Cacao Nibs lead all others on the world market in quality and certification:
* Purchase of these nibs help to provide living wages to farmers, build sustainable villages and provide quality of life for the farmers. An incredible amount of love goes into providing this product from everyone who is involved. You may feel it with every bite.
* These extremely high quality raw cacao nibs are organic and exclusively sold in the United States by only a few vendors.
* Non-hybrid Ancient Criollo Variety: Our Cacao beans come from a non-hybrid ancient Criollo variety of cacao. These Criollo beans are the most delicious and preferred beans which produce the "King of Cacao."
* Incredible Flavor, Tasty: A rich flavor without roasting is due to the unique process used to retain the purity and fine aroma, with a low-acid taste.

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