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Inner Nature

Cacao Beans

Cacao Beans

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Cacao Beans (Raw, Premium)

The Cacao tree shares a wide array of unique properties. You can eat the whole seed or peel them.

Inner Nature sources our raw cacao from farmers in Ecuador. Look for Inner Nature's brand when shopping for the purest "Heirloom" Cacao nibs, cocoa powder, cacao beans, cacao paste, and cocoa butter. The raw Cacao coming from this farm was deemed "the best Ecuadorian "Heirloom" Raw Chocolate."


NET WT: 8 oz. Product of Ecuador.

Warning! Eating cacao may cause you to have an incredible day.

Special Notes:
- Refrigeration of these cacao beans is not required, although recommended for optimum freshness.
- These high quality beans are Organic and raw.

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